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Your Life Matters

Childhood #joys have become non-existence due to all the #violence that we all encounter today. Pain and sorrow fills the faces of #grieving families and #parents. How do we reach beyond ourselves and find a solution to stop the violence and killings that are taking place in our community and schools? How do we #prevent the #fear of tragedy from invading our lives and homes? How can we prevent our #hopes and #dreams from withering away?

Acting only on feelings and emotions shows neither discretion nor intelligence. If you are not careful, you can end up spending your life behind bars or buried in someone’s cemetery at a very young age. What choices are you making today for your future? What voices are you listening, too? Where will you be or end up in the next 10 years?

Self-awareness is accepting the #truth about yourself, your #strengths, and your #weaknesses. You are the most #important person when it comes to achieving success or happiness in your life. Never Give Up!



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